Maintain Your Walker – Rollator

How to Adjust the Height of a Rollator or Walker

The height of the handle grips on a walker need to be adjusted before using. This can be done at the medical supply house where you purchased the walker or you can do it yourself by following the instructions that come with your walker. The method for adjusting the height on a walker varies with each manufacturer.

A basic rule of thumb is to adjust the walker so that you are comfortable walking in a normal walking position.

  1. Check your wrist height by standing with your arms straight at your side.
  2. The crease of your wrist should be lined up with the top of your walker handles.
  3. Stand in your walker and hold on to the handles.
  4. Your arms should be bent at about a 15 degree angle.
Adjusting the Height of a Rollator Walker

Adjusting the Height of a Rollator Walker


There are several methods to adjust the height. One uses bolts that are inserted in holes that are on the legs at different heights and others may use compression to adjust the height. Ask someone to help you adjust the height. While you stand in the proper position for using your walker have a helper adjust the height.


Next time you visit your doctor or physical therapist take your walker with you. Ask your doctor if you have adjusted the height of your walker correctly. The main thing to remember is that it should be comfortable for you to use a walker and it should make your walking stable.

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