How to Donate a Walker Rollator

There is a great need for used walkers and rollators throughout the world. There are many local and international charities that need Walkers and Rollators. If you have a good working walker that you no longer need there are many organizations that will take it. Consider one of the following places to donate it.

Donate to a Local Medical Facility

Many facilities and organizations have a donor closet for people who may need medical equipment but cannot afford to buy it new. This is a place where you can donate things like walkers or rollators for others to use. You will find donor closets at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior centers, churches, VFW Posts, the American Legion and clubs.

Donate Internationally

A donation to an international charity such as the Red Cross can mean an improved life for someone else. Many people in poor countries do not have access to walking aids. Just imagine how much a rollator would help an elderly person who lives off the land. Not only will the rollators – walkers help people walk they can also help people in their daily lives. They can help with such things as carrying wood, water or food to their homes. We often take for granted all the wonderful tools that we have in our lives. Just imagine what a walker would do for an elderly person living off the land. Not only would you help a person walk you also help them maintain their life style. Your donation will change the lives of these people.

Donate to a Local Charity

The local Goodwill, Purple Heart, United Way and the Salvation Army are always good choices to donate your used medical equipment. Some of these organizations will come to your home to pick up your donation.
Check with the local branch of your favorite charity such as the MS Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Arthritis Foundation etc. to see if they have a loan closet that you can donate to.

Research on the Internet

Search for organizations that recycle used medical equipment in your state. When you no longer need your medical equipment pass it on to someone who is in need.
Don’t forget about the homeless people. A rollator walker may make their lives just a little bit easier.
Clean and disinfect your medical equipment before you donate it. Check to see if all the nuts, bolts and brakes are in good working condition.
Your donation is tax deductible.