How to Get a Rollator Walker with Medicare

Walking is a daily activity that everyone enjoys. There are times when walking is difficult because we have lost strength or stability. A walker rollator provides the tool to keep a person safe while they walk. If you are on Medicare ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription to help pay for part of the cost.

More people in North America use walkers than wheelchairs. The Walker offers support to the elderly who have compromised balance, strength, and endurance in their walking. They stabilize walking, prevent falls and even help to carry objects. Using a rollator walker is like pushing a shopping cart.
Medicare will help pay for your walker or rollator if you meet the medical requirements. To obtain a rollator walker through Medicare you must first visit your doctor to get a prescription and then purchase it through a supplier who accepts Medicare payments.

1.Get a Prescription from Your Doctor

Visit your doctor or physical therapist and ask him to write a prescription for the type of walker that would be best for you. There are many styles to choose from and each style helps a specific need. Your doctor will place a note in your medical records explaining why you need a walker.

2. Check Your Supplemental Insurance

Check your Medicare Advantage Plan for their policy for medical equipment. Check your supplemental insurance plan to see if it will pick up the costs that Medicare does not cover. For other insurances call your insurance company and ask what their policy is for reimbursement of a walker

3.Find a Medicare Supplier

Find a medical supplier in your area or online that supplies medical equipment and who take Medicare Insurance. Ask what their procedure is for purchasing a walker using Medicare and how much Medicare will cover. You may need to cover part of the expense.

4.Comparison Shop

Visit a medical supply store and study the options available for walkers. Some local retailers like Walgreens and Costco also carry walkers.
There are many options to choose from: standard walker, walker with wheels, rollator, rollator transport chair, three legs or four legs.
Check the weight capacity of the chair – it can range between 200 lbs and 500 lbs.
Try a few out to decide which one will be right for you. You can purchase the walker from the store or shop online to find the best price for your walker that fits your needs.

5.Replace Old Walkers Rollators

Replace your walker relator after about five years of use or sooner if needed. The wheels, brakes, and handles can wear over time. Check out the current benefits that Medicare offers to see if you would qualify for a new replacement walker. Get a new prescription from your doctor or therapist to receive a new rollator walker.

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Keep on Walking!